Newsletter 4

Dear BID Levy Payer,


The Farnham Chamber of Commerce has been asked to update you on behalf of the Farnham BID Task Group with the latest BID news.


There has been progress behind the scenes by the BID Task Group in readiness for the kick off in April, namely a BID company has been formed (with Gemma McBride from Baker Law as the Chair, supported by board members from a wide range of sectors in Farnham).


The BID Working Group have had regular dialogue with other BIDs in Surrey, attended Surrey focussed Crime Prevention meetings to gather a greater understanding of possible solutions and they are in the final throws of appointing a BID Manager (a full-time role based in Farnham).

As was voted for in October, your business as a levy payer will receive an invoice for your annual levy for the BID (2% of your rateable value) in June from Waverley Borough Council.


In line with the core pillars of the business plan (destination marketing, business support, safety/crime and access/travel), the BID Task Group are working hard to put in place some quick wins for the town (crime prevention being at the forefront).


The BID Task Group welcome new members in to the BID team to join important working groups and ensure they have a broad representation across levy paying businesses in the town. To volunteer to be part of the important working groups that will drive the success of the Farnham BID, please do contact the BID Task Group via the website.


The BID Task Group may not have all the email addresses for levy payers in the geography, so please do forward this email onto neighbouring businesses and update your details here to ensure as many businesses are notified of BID updates as possible.


With thanks


Farnham BID Task Group